Chamber Bucks

Rivers and District Chamber of Commerce promotes our Chamber Bucks, which encourages residents to shop local.  They are similar to gift certificates and can be used to pay for merchandise or services at most Chamber members. Currently, Chamber Bucks CANNOT be redeemed at the the following businesses:

Chelle’s on Main
Westoba Credit Union

Chamber Bucks make a great silent auction prize, Christmas/birthday/anniversary gift or an office incentive for work well done. Anyone can purchase them.

Chamber Bucks must be redeemed for the full value, they cannot be redeemed for cash.  Refunds on any purchases made using Chamber Bucks are not available in cash. Should a customer receive change or a refund, a gift certificate or gift card is recommended.   

Chamber Bucks are only available in $10 denominations and can be purchased from Rivers Super Thrifty Pharmacy or CB Aspire Salon & Spa.

  1. Businesses treat it the same way as currency/coupon sales; however, the full amount of the denomination presented must be spent in full and not redeemed for cash;

  2. Once the merchant has received a buck, they are to contact the chamber treasurer for reimbursement (204-328-7693);

  3. Rivers and District Chamber of Commerce will reimburse the member for the value of the Chamber Bucks tendered.

For more information about the Chamber Bucks program, please email .