Reaxion Graphics

Address: 925 Rosser Avenue, , Brandon, MB
Contact: Scott Kasprick
Phone: 204-573-2250
Address: 925, Rosser Avenue, Brandon, Manitoba, R7A 0L3, Canada.

About Reaxion Graphics

Serving Brandon, Manitoba and area for over 9 years, and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Reaxion Graphics is owned and operated by Scott Kasprick who is from Rivers MB.

Scott’s design and marketing career has come full circle to Brandon, Manitoba after gaining his first industry experience in a large Westman print operation. Not only armed with a deep design and marketing skill set, Scott maintains a connection to the local agricultural community through his family’s farm – knowledge that has served him throughout his career in understanding and consulting large and small ag business, the backbone of the Brandon community!

In order to consult your company with confidence, it pays when the consultant has had their hands dirty in the services they are recommending.

They Include:

  • Commercial Printing
    Grass roots print experience ranging from designing your business cards and numbered invoice books, cutting vinyl lettering and assembling signage, manually collating and finishing printed projects, you name it!
  • Newspapers
    Knowledge of the ins and outs of deadlines, what distribution means, what national advertising is, where the best read ads sit, and building ads that work.
  • Trade Magazines
    How they work, is it the right medium for you, what’s a good magazine or a bad one, should the magazine design your ad or should you send a custom built ad – what makes dollars and cents? We still design magazines to this day!
  • Web Design
    What is current and what will take your company to the forefront online, knowledge of why not having a product to sell online is the worst reason to not have a website, the knowledge to design your custom online application and manage the programmers that will program it, knowledge of how to get your site on a server and on the web, all the technical knowledge so you don’t have to worry about the technical knowledge!

The number one advantage of Reaxion Graphics is choice! You now have the choice to have your communication material designed where you want and produced where you want at the best price! Go local with suppliers you’ve used for years or go far and wide for alternatives – it’s your choice!

Reaxion Graphics looks forward to serving you and the Westman area for the years to come!